Bells And Whistles For Your Kitchen Design

Bells And Whistles For Your Kitchen Design

by stonecreekfurniture |May 19, 2010 | Interior Design

This week has been a tangle of streets and interstates as I went to the far corners of Phoenix to visit with Stone Creek kitchen clients. From Ahwatukee to Carefree, I keep hearing the question…..What are the “must haves” in kitchen design today? So I’ve come up with my top five. I could actually do more but these rank right up there with all my other lists of top fives. Like the top five appetizers to make for guests or better yet, my top five restaurants in town. I could add the top five things I am waiting for my husband to do around the house, but if truth be told that list is much longer. Enough about him.

So here are my top five:

1. Timeless cabinet style. Stick with the classics. Understated design will stand the test of time. Not only will you not tire of it but if you sell your home down the road the new homeowner will thank you. Adding glass fronts allows you to showcase your china and the contents can be changed on a whim.

2. Islands with seating. Today families entertain in the kitchen. Friends want to be part of the action while you are putting the finishing touches on your special bruschetta. Kids can do homework or crafts here. You can keep an eye on teens when they are on facebook and casual Saturday lunches will always take place here. Not to mention the additional counter space when setting out a buffet or just that expanse of granite to admire. You might even choose a different stain for your island. It will truly make your space feel custom.

3. Energy efficient appliances. I don’t need to elaborate on what a huge benefit this is. Just look at the Energy Star ratings when you visit an appliance store. Your salesman will be able to point out all the benefits. You can also go to for rebate opportunities.

4. Organized storage. This can run the gamut of recycling bins to spice storage and the numerous small appliances we don’t want cluttering our new countertops. Everything should have a place. It makes your kitchen look larger and makes food prep that much easier.

5. Stone Countertops. The queen of countertops is still granite. Engineered quartz is gaining steam but granite will be the front runner for a long time. The best part is going with a client to select their slabs. They are always amazed at the process. Just wearing the hard hat makes them feel special.

I’m sure your list may differ from mine but give me the opportunity to share a few more and I’ll listen to yours. We’ll create the kitchen of your dreams and have all the bells and whistles you can handle. Fill out the form to the right to get started.

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