Budget Savvy Bathroom Design

Budget Savvy Bathroom Design

by stonecreekfurniture |June 4, 2010 | Blog, Interior Design

The words cheap, inexpensive, and frugal have come up alot this week. I think a homeowner used the term champagne on a beer budget but I prefer to call it budget savvy. I’m finding that after the dust has settled and our clients are enjoying their Stone Creek kitchens, they look into the Master bath and it comes off a little tired if you know what I mean. We all know you get a lot of bang for your buck when redoing this space so I have a few tips up my sleeve to keep it budget friendly.

I’ve seen everything from a postage stamp size bath to some that are bigger than my first apartment. No matter what the square footage there are ways to make this space live large and stay on budget. Your Master Bath should be hardworking morning and night and we can find ways to make it functional, beautiful and budget friendly.

1. The obvious is choosing the right cabinet style. I like to add as many drawers as the budget will allow. We girls have alot of stuff and we need to be able to find it during the morning rush . If we are trying to find the perfect shade of eyeshadow, while watching over our shoulder to make sure his tie actually “goes with the shirt” time is lost and once again you are out the door behind schedule. Get the drawers.

2. Add beautiful hooks for bath towels. You can match the finish to your faucet or cabinet hardware. The towel bar takes up too much wall space and you’re never going to get him to fold it the right way anyway!! The hooks will aid faster dry time and it looks like a retreat. Hang one next to the shower for your robe.

3. If you are re-doing the tile floor go ahead and create a tile rug just by outlining a rectangle on the floor and running the material a different direction to create the look of an area rug. This looks very custom and will make the space feel special .

4. Use your studs! Have your remodeler carve out unused space between the studs for your jars of bath salts and rolled towels. Glass shelves look especially great here since light reflection will make the space seem even larger. Photographs and artwork have found their way into the bath since ventilation is so much better than years past. Personalize the space to make it your own. Do the same between the studs in the shower area. Can’t tell you how many times this gets overlooked and the myriad bottles of shampoo and conditioner are now sitting on the new shower floor. Make sure it’s at a slight angle for water run-off.

5. Mirror, mirror on the wall. We can match your cabinet finish and style and design a mirror. Hung above the vanity sinks it will reflect light and bounce light around the room.

Got to run. A bathroom client is meeting me to pick out tile for her jewel box space of a bathroom and I want to really make it sparkle. Speaking of sparkle…put all the light fixtures on dimmers. Can’t preach this one enough!

Fill out the form. We’ll bring life to your bath and keep the budget in tact.

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