Design A Kitchen With Functionality And Flow

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Design A Kitchen With Functionality And Flow

by stonecreekfurniture |November 6, 2014 | Blog, Interior Design

One way to transform a house you like into a home you love is to make customized improvements that work for you and your Family. The kitchen is the core of every household because it is the most commonly used room. Boosting the functionality and flow of your kitchen will have a daily positive impact on everyone in your house and can also make the resale value skyrocket. Stone Creek Furniture helps you unleash the best kitchen possible by improving its functionality and flow!

The functionality of your kitchen can always be improved, even just including a sink or interchanging some appliances can save you time daily. Do you always drink tea or use the stove- an additional faucet nearby could save you time and also lessen the risk of injury of carrying heavy water filled pots. There are always new appliances coming out that are more energy efficient and that also save space. We can add a freezer under a counter or even inside an island if you would like to store more food. Taking the microwave up off the counter and attaching it up top or putting it into a wall is also a great way to create more counter space. Older homes also run the risk of electricity portals or water piping being out of date, by remodeling we can ensure that everything is brought up to code.

When organizing a kitchen it is all about flow, everything you need should be within arms length or a few steps away. If the kitchen is closed off or too cluttered it won’t be inviting or comfortable for people to cook, eat, or spend time. The refrigerator should be near counters for food preparation and the dishwasher right by the sink for easy loading. Taking out a bulky counter and adding an island with stools and storage space is a great way to open up the lay out. Also by removing a separating wall you can instantly create a more open and positive space. Just by rearranging where the fridge, trashcans and other appliances sit can make every step you take in your kitchen a breeze.

We can help modify at any step of the way, or if you already have a general contractor you like we can work together with them. Let SCF customize your space and optimize functionality and flow to make it work for you!

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