Designing Around The Kitchen Table

Designing Around The Kitchen Table

by stonecreekfurniture |August 3, 2010 | Blog, Interior Design

When my husband and I started a family many years ago we both agreed on the importance of dinner around the table. Now that the kids are teenagers we still rely on that family time to talk about our day and debate many topics. The landscape of the table has changed. Our daughters boyfriend, Will, might be there ( that boy can eat!!!) or a friend of our sons might join us. The important thing is that we are sharing a meal around the same table.

Last week I was engrossed in3 Stone Creek kitchen projects. All were very different in feel and style. The table was littered with a colorfest of glossy glass tiles in a beautiful mosaic pattern in several colorways. The classic lines of a ceramic subway tile and the ever popular tumbled stone. Included in this mix was a variety of stain finishes that we offer on our cabinets and touches like paint samples and granite so beautiful that it makes the hair on your arm stand up.

Fast forward to dinner time. I ask the kids to set the table. Then I glanced at the table and saw how much time and effort it would take to move all of it and how much more time it would take to pair everything up again before doing my drawings for my clients. So I just asked the kids if we could drag out the 80’s T.V. trays. You would have thought I ask them to tear off their arm and chew on it. “It’s just this one time I said.” ” But Mom, what about sitting around the table together. Isn’t that what you say is so important around here. ” Can you believe that. All those years of preaching and it actually sunk in!

Needless to say, I get excited about every project I do. Big or small, each carries the same importance to me. I like walking past that table and thinking about how a certain space would make me feel if I lived there. Getting up the next morning, I look at that kitchen table and how I paired up certain elements to see if I like them as much as the day before. Most times I do, but other times I’ll pull an idea from one clients kitchen design and pair it with another for a totally different look. So if I’m helping you with a kitchen or bathroom design, chances are it will land on my kitchen table for a day or two. It’s like taking your kitchen for a test drive.

If your kitchen or bath needs a little sprucing up, I would love to help make it a reality. Fill out the form to get started.

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