Furniture The Way You Want It

Furniture The Way You Want It

by stonecreekfurniture |February 5, 2011 | Blog, Interior Design

In our advertising, we constantly drive the point home that you can get “furniture the way you want it!”. As an employee of Stone Creek Furniture I already know that we can give you exactly what you want. I see great furniture designs being loaded on the truck for delivery every day. Our repeat customers come back for that very reason, it’s the “new” customers that still seem amazed when we tell them how they can customize and make it uniquely their own. I guess I assumed that the message was  out there loud and clear….but in fact I hear “really…we can do that?”.

Just this week I was helping a hip, young couple ( anything younger than my 53 years is young and hip) design their Master Bedroom. We were maximizing storage and they needed tons of drawer space. When I heard the wife say that they were amazed we could customize to fit their needs, even down to choosing their hardware, it became apparent that we offer a furniture buying experience that
is special and unique to Stone Creek Furniture.

When you can give someone a buying experience they can’t find elsewhere, at a direct price, and its built right here in the Valley….now that’s a win -win for everyone!  

That’s just the beginning.  Let your mind wander and with my 2 hour complimentary design service we can come up with great ideas to make any room in the house uniquely yours!

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