Kitchen Organization 2011

Kitchen Organization 2011

by stonecreekfurniture |January 2, 2011 | Blog, Interior Design

I’m sure I’m not alone in having my mind turn towards organization and de- cluttering for the New Year. Just seeing all the storage options and wire covered shelving at Target makes me think I could have a kitchen that exudes a serene, clutter free environment that would make my life take on an existence of carefree cooking and entertaining. Take my kitchen for instance….how much faster could I throw together a hearty meal if the spice drawer was actually made to store these savory add-ons. Or the trash pull-outs in such a place that even a teenager would think it convenient to empty. Add a stemware rack to display your crystal….in full view you might even
use it or a lazy Susan that makes finding the peanut butter so easy you won’t even mind making the kids lunches.

I could go on about a bread drawer, utensil drawer or that special spot to hold those chefs knives, but now that I’ve got the ball rolling, you’ll want to add your ideas too. Let our expert kitchen designers guide the process and you’ll see that in no time at all you can be whipping up a great meal with time to spare. Maybe even get to that junk drawer that’s been bugging you!!!

To get started, I’ll offer 2 hours of complimentary design service and we’ll make this new space a serene, organized, everything has a place , kind of kitchen. Let’s get started.

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