Kitchen Toppings

Kitchen Toppings

by stonecreekfurniture |July 26, 2010 | Blog, Interior Design

Maybe it’s fabric swatches or paint chips that puts the chaos in your decorating mind. It stops you like a train and going forward seems daunting. Much like trying to decide on a flavor at Yogurtland without actually ending up with every topping in the store, and getting to the register with a $12.00 cup of yogurt. It seemed good while you were filling the cup but in the end is it really edible? And now you have to pay for it!

Sometimes I forget that my clients have never undergone a remodel of any sort. This past week I actually felt like the teacher in front of the classroom with a pointer showing all the wonderful choices. Some clients are all over the board . Sharing every exotic idea that comes to mind, or a certain look they saw on vacation. Then other clients have that glazed over look and I know to hold their hand a little tighter during this process. Then I show both, realistic choices that will stand the test of time (good design never goes out of style) and they get it. The lightbulb goes off and they see the warmth coming from their cabinet finish and how texture in a backsplash and tones from their granite slab really pulls it all together. Add in some stainless  steel appliances and “poof” we have a kitchen.

So just like the yogurt cup with a million toppings, your kitchen should have the important “toppings” to make it special, but it doesn’t need every single item on the market to make it a success.

Let me help you through this process and we’ll find the right touches to make your kitchen (or bath) your favorite spot in the house. Toppings included.

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