Remodeling should be an Investment, not a Cost

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Remodeling should be an Investment, not a Cost

by stonecreekfurniture |April 4, 2016 | Blog, Interior Design

Remodeling is always a big decision. It is expensive and requires a fairly big investment. Often the investment that goes into remodeling a house does not bring back an equal return.

What is an ideal house for remodeling? Where is the return highest in investment? Remodeling is not what is referred to a paint job or minor cosmetic additions for the matter. Remodeling are the changes that are done after having lived in a home for a fairly long period. Those houses need a complete facelift. It helps in raising the value of the house should one plan to sell it sometime in future.

There are specific areas in the house that make the investment worth every penny. The kitchen for one. Remodeling the kitchen includes playing around with the layout of the kitchen, adding an island, increasing and redesigning the storage cabinets, and add on modern appliances. The investment on the remodeling of the kitchen, gives it a new look as also increases the value of the house.

One of the most important investment is the flooring of the house. Modern and a shining flooring versus an old dull tile and grout, significantly reduces the value of the house. Change in the carpet, addition of wood flooring or the new age porcelain tiles, give your house a complete new look.

The first impression stays for a long time. The front door certainly stands to make an impression.  The appeal of the front door attracts the buyers and makes them look forward to what’s in store. The garage door and the front yard also adds to the look that you are projecting for your house. The enhancement to the exterior of the house, adds to the curb appeal.

Remodeling is definitely an investment. Updated and well invested homes increase the returns by selling faster, as also tad bit higher than the market value of the house.

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