The Holiday Kitchen

The Holiday Kitchen

by stonecreekfurniture |October 22, 2010 | Blog, Interior Design

It’s this time of year in Phoenix when our thoughts start turning to either getting the neighbors over for a glass of wine on the patio or really thinking ahead to the holidays. If you live here you know when the air changes from “cake in the oven hot” to “aah” that change is about to happen. This is exactly the time my husband starts to hide on Saturday afternoons. He knows I’ll have some task that must be done before the first guest arrives.

One of my Stone Creek Kitchen clients asked if she would be cooking In her kitchen by Christmas. She had a couple of generations coming and she knew that her oven would never stand up to the rigors of culinary expertice that her family demanded (and expected) out of her cramped kitchen. We started narrowing down her granite and backsplash choices, discussed flooring and cabinet finishes. The answer was yes! She would be in her kitchen by the holidays. Not only was she going to be in her new kitchen, she had time to invite the neighbors in for wine and cheese before the first run to the airport ever took place.

Let’s get moving. Your kitchen can be designed,  granite slabs selected and the perfect wall color expertly applied. You really can celebrate the December holidays surrounded by the oohs and aahs of everyone that enters your home.

Got to go. My husband is making himself scarce again.

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