The Marvelous Media Wall

The Marvelous Media Wall

by stonecreekfurniture |November 4, 2010 | Blog, Interior Design

OK ladies…how many times have you walked Into your TV room only to shake your head In disbelief that you are still living with a piece of media furniture that could qualify for something out of a dorm room. I’m not poking fun, I realize that decorating is a process and every room can’t be done all at once. However, design is very solution based and I have the perfect solution for good looks and a place to house your tv and electronics. I invite you to take a peek at our architectural media wall. It’s the charm of cultured stone, smooth, warm toned wood beams that will show off your favorite pieces, and hubby can have the tv of his dreams, all in one place.

Top it off with drywall, accent paint color, lighting and a handsome cabinet to house the electronics.

With friends and family about to descend on your doorstep for the holidays, you’ll be showing off the “new focal point” of the room and it won’t be the TV!!

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