This Kitchen Cooks

This Kitchen Cooks

by stonecreekfurniture |June 8, 2010 | Blog, Interior Design

Anyone that knows me well, will hear me say, “Simple pleasures are the best”. I can’t tell you what joy I find in getting up early on a Saturday morning, before the rest of the house is awake , and enjoying some time alone in my kitchen. Seems like the sunlight is perfect, the birds are chirpping at the right decibel level and the fresh air when I swing open the french doors is sublime. I start the coffee, pick up the newspaper in the driveway and decide if I want a a full blown omelet or just a simple bagel with cream cheese. Perfection. My kitchen is perfect for one…me!

Around 11:00 Katie pops in and we sit at the island pouring over camp brochures for the kids and take care of neighborhood gossip in one fell swoop. My kitchen works for two.

By now the kids (teenagers) are up and I hear them talking with friends and whose house they will hang out at tonight. Turns out it’s ours. That can only mean lots a girl drama and enough testosterone to go around the city of Phoenix. Add to that a ton of greasy teen food and you have a party. My kitchen works for tons of teens.

And at least once a month we try to host a small dinner party with close friends. You guessed it. We are all hanging out in the kitchen. Either perched at the island with a glass of wine or someone helping with the salad, this kitchen cooks. Recently, I watched my husband put the finishing touches on the bruschetta. He’s pretty much a grill kind of guy but watching him in our kitchen brought the whole marriage thing to a new level. This kitchen works for adults too.

By now you get the point. When you design your Stone Creek kitchen, think about how you will use the space. Make your kitchen really cook for one or one hundred.

I would love to help make your kitchen cook. Fill out the form and we’ll get started.

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