Your Perfect Sized Kitchen

Your Perfect Sized Kitchen

by stonecreekfurniture |February 24, 2011 | Blog, Interior Design

My past three kitchen projects have jettisoned me into the lives of the people who live in very special homes. Even the smallest square footage will ultimately jumpstart ideas of life in a cottage kitchen. Produce from the farmers market on the counter waiting to be turned into some gourmet delight. Cabinets done in a warm white finish with classic stone tiles for a backsplash and you have a cozy, warm spot to entertain or give the kids a snack after school. I can stand in the space and become that homeowner for a few moments and imagine what life will be like in their new space. I think it helps me to be a better decorator.

In a medium sized kitchen you can pretty much get all the bells and whistles you want because you have the space to do it. If budget and imagination are your friends then a great space awaits you at every turn. I can just see the grandkids making cookies at the island or a party of adults that make wine tasting look like kids play. This is a kitchen to be lived in…and a kitchen everyone wants to be in.

Let’s talk about the BIG kitchen. I don’t come across these as often,but sometimes a large kitchen is a bigger challenge because at the end of the day you still want it to feel cozy. If it’s coffee and the morning paper at the island or 25 friends on a Saturday night trying out their culinary skills you still want your kitchen to feel warm and inviting. As I was standing in this raw space a few days ago I imagined being invited to this home for a party and it definitely would be an occasion to shop for a new outfit. This gracious residence made me want to become friends with my clients real quick. The warm finish on the cabinets and the granite that makes you wonder if it would look better hung as artwork. Now that’s a kitchen.

All clients and kitchens are special to me. If your kitchen is small, medium or large it will be your perfectly sized kitchen. Let me help with my 2 hours of complimentary design service.

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