7 Tips to Help You Design Your Kitchen

transitional style kitchen in white with copper hood

7 Tips to Help You Design Your Kitchen

by stonecreekfurniture |September 24, 2012 | Blog

If you are looking at designing your kitchen and not sure how to go about it, here are some tips that will help you in deciding. There are various options to choose from, but most of it would depend on the base design of your kitchen and the available infrastructure.

Design Your Kitchen

Tip 1: If you are looking at re-doing your kitchen and have a wish list, it may help to jot down your wants. Instead of going head on with the renovations, it may help to understand that some ideas can or cannot be incorporated.

Tip 2: How is the layout of your kitchen – traditional or contemporary? With that said, are you looking at the traditional black or white appliances, or the sleek steel ones sporting the contemporary look.

Tip 3: One of the most essential part of your kitchen is cabinets installed in the kitchen. Cabinets placed strategically helps to organizing the kitchen. Work and storing gets easier. Start from one corner and go around the kitchen. Decide on ‘lazy susans’, ‘magic corners’, ‘pull outs’ and other facilities that can be inserted into the cabinets.

Tip 4: More than the aesthetics make sure that the kitchen design is more ergonomic than just for show. Use large cabinets that hold smaller ones inside. It will help to cover up as much as is needed, yet provide a stately look to the set up.

Tip 5: Keep the range closer to the sink as it will help to put away the dirty utensils for wash immediately and help avoid accidents. The microwave can be fitted on the wall and therefore help to save space. If you have space, an extra oven always helps, especially when you have guests.

Tip 6: Keep enough space for countertop use and preparation for the cooking. Space also helps to place hot utensils and avoid banging into them.

Tip 7: Most importantly remember a design that holds good for someone else’s kitchen may not sit well in yours. So be aware of what you have and think of incorporating ideas accordingly. Make the most of the existing ones before adding newer features.

If you are not sure of yourself, you may get in touch with Stone Creek Furniture and we can help you re-design your kitchen, keeping what you have in mind.

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