Refinish vs. Replace?

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Refinish vs. Replace?

by stonecreekfurniture |April 5, 2016 | Blog, Interior Design

Refinishing or replacing is one of the biggest debates that is not uncommon in a household. One may own the best of furniture, but after a while one gets bored and the question is should we replace or give it a new look?

Does it really make sense to replace a good or a solid piece of furniture? You may have loved it a paid a fortune for it. These days furniture are made in a way that can be refinished and given a new look at a fraction of the cost. Either a fine wood work, or a new paint job can change the look of your furniture. With that said, accent furniture is in. Replacing then becomes merely a personal decision. However, for those who have the luxury and the set up could opt for a replacement even though a new look could change the appeal completely.

Replacement can also be done somewhat inexpensively. Stores these days are buying old furniture, using professionals to treat it and give it an antique look. This in easy terms are referred to as restoration. Artistic restoration is the in thing these days. Professionals take on the job and give an antique or a distressed look to the furniture. Some of them are also given a contemporary look and made to be sold as new. Of course, the prices are competitive and the look as good. In such cases the refinished option is an option that saves money.

However there are furniture’s in the house where replacement in important. The family room, the bedroom, the breakfast nook or the study are places which gets used more frequently. Through regular use the furniture gets worn, chipped damaged. There is no point in refinishing it then, and makes sense to replace them with sturdier set, which will perhaps last for some more years at a stretch.

So the question of refinishing verses replacement is more of a personal decision and standing. Neither one is not a wrong choice, provided the furniture fits into your décor and serve your needs.

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