Don’t Cheap Out On Your Entertainment Center

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No matter how many reports come out about “how much TV” we watch, and “how bad it is for you,” your entertainment center is the most important piece of furniture in the home (keep in mind this is coming from a guy). It’s where we gather, “veg out”, have parties, or make sure the kids are watching appropriate programs. It is the center of our lifestyle, so don’t skimp on the most important room in your house. Face it, Flat panel televisions have changed our lives for the better and Entertainment Centers are still needed to dress up that focal point in your home.

There are several ways to position your flat panel TV. You can rest it on a stylish credenza, hang it on the wall with the credenza underneath it. Or, buy a complete entertainment center to house your TV, speakers and electronics. I have friends that have a credenza for speakers and center channel but put all of the other electronics in a nearby coat closet (because who needs a coat closet in Phoenix right?).

There are so many variations for your TV room so talk to a professional home theater consultant before you make a purchase. At Stone Creek Furniture, we have been building entertainment centers and TV stands going on twenty years. Our sales consultants can help you determine your needs and desires for this special room in your house. Yes my friend, the days of a plank on cinder blocks are over. Make that TV room special and you won’t regret it.

Here are some tips before you come in to the store, do a little drawing of the room and the wall you want your TV on measuring the entire length of the wall, outlets, windows and doorways. Let us know your ceiling height. If you have a cathedral ceiling and stairway coming down into the room, you’ll definitely want the unit to have a finished top. If you are the type of person that likes the “latest and greatest TV”, then you want your entertainment center to have a wainscoted panel instead of an enclosed picture frame, so when the size of your flat panel changes, you can still use the same entertainment center. Rebuilding the frame or buying a new media cabinet can be very costly. You can find more tips and a gallery of entertainment centers at

Furniture the way you want it

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Well the New Year is here and Stone Creek Furniture is in our 20th year of building custom hardwood furniture here in the valley of the sun. It all started with Mexican style territorial chairs and now it has evolved into the states largest “direct to the public” hardwood furniture manufacturer. Stone Creek builds custom home theater cabinetry, home office furniture, dining room, built-in, and bedroom furniture. We also excel in custom kitchen cabinets sold at a factory direct price. We build most of our Stone Creek Furniture at our Phoenix factory and have been doing so since day one.

My motto has been “the most fun wins” and that is so true here at Stone Creek. It’s fun to be able to do things most furniture stores can’t do. We can change the size, style and color of any of our furniture. Can other stores do that? Nope. We offer thirty-five finish colors and can even closely match any existing furniture you may have. It is so much fun to see the joy at customer’s homes when they get “furniture the way they wanted it.” It was their vision and we brought it to life. I visited a kitchen customer’s home today and she couldn’t stop talking about how we took each and every one of her suggestions and made them a reality. “I would call Rick, and he would plug it in his computer drawing and it was done” said our Sun Lakes customer. Could another kitchen remodeling contractor give her what she was asking for? Doubt it, their hands are tied since they buy (not build) their cabinets in standard sizes and out of state.

So before you decide on a piece of furniture or kitchen cabinets, come to Stone Creek Furniture and see what we can do for you. Remember you are buying factory direct so we’ll save you money versus retail.

Beautiful Granite At Stone Creek Furniture

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Why do Phoenix residents choose granite countertops over other options?  There are a number of reasons.  One of the biggest reasons granite countertops are so popular with Phoenix homeowners is that they are a beautiful addition to any kitchen.  Depending on its composition, the color of granite can range from black to pink and many colors in between, which means people in Phoenix can choose a countertop that will match their kitchen décor perfectly no matter what their tastes.  And since granite countertops look as if they are pebbled with tiny rocks and crystals (and, in a manner of speaking, they are!) each one is unique, so you know your granite countertop will be unique, even among all the others in Phoenix.  When you look at the elegance of a sleek, polished granite countertop next to the dull, artificial look of laminate, you will realize that aesthetically there is no comparison.

Another reason granite countertops are so popular in Phoenix is that they are durable.  While laminates might begin to look old and worn over time—taking on knife marks, stains, or chipping around the edges—granite countertops are timeless.  Their polished surfaces do not stain, and it takes some serious effort to crack or otherwise damage them.  This brings up another reason why people in Phoenix use granite countertops in their kitchens:  they are easy to clean and maintain.  A disinfecting spray and a damp washcloth are enough to clean up even the stickiest messes.  Dark juices and wines will not leave stains.  And unless you decide to use a belt sander on the surface of your granite countertop, chances are you will never need to refinish it once it has been installed.  It is beautiful and functional; what more could a Phoenix homeowner ask for?

Murphy Beds

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A Murphy bed is a staple in old movies and television shows, usually as part of a comic routine. And it’s easy to see why they were such comedy favorites: a Murphy bed, unlike a traditional bed with a box spring and bed frame, is hinged at the head end and folds up against a wall for storage. In movies, this usually happens at unexpected moments, trapping someone between the bed and the wall. While it may have been a real problem when Murphy beds were in their prime, modern Murphy beds don’t really spring back into vertical position and spontaneously trap their occupants upside down. Fortunately, they are usually equipped with a counterbalance mechanism that prevents unprovoked retraction. It’s certainly less funny, but much safer this way!

How Granite Adds Value To Your Kitchen

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Granite countertops are a great investment for any Phoenix resident. Not only does the material add a great sense of expensiveness and attention to one of the most important rooms in your Phoenix home, it also is a great home investment. The natural or man made material (also called quartz) is very durable and will resist damage so that you will not have to replace it frequently as you would with other types of countertop material. Granite countertops maintain a timeless look, and the combination of functional life and aesthetic permanence makes it one of the best material options available to Phoenix residents.

Because granite is a very heavy stone material, it must be custom cut and installed into your kitchen space. There are many options in terms of color, thickness, pattern and finish that Phoenix homeowners can consider when looking at all of the granite options, but in general, the organic, sturdy look of the material will outlast all other countertop options. For this reason, granite is not only a nice aesthetic choice for Phoenix residents; it is also a great home investment. The longevity of building materials is important to consider because Phoenix residency is many times a second home for people, or a property investment. There is no need to have to repeatedly update the design of your home in an attempt to satisfy potential buyers, especially when classic options are available. You should not waste your time considering other options. It would be smarter to spend more energy keeping your landscape updated, or your backyard area fresh, than to repeatedly spend money on your kitchen area. If you can make your kitchen look great indefinitely by simply investing in one material, why bother looking at alternatives?

Stone Creek’s Virtual Showroom

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Anyone not like to waste time?  Anyone not like to waste money?  It’s been the internet over the past decade and a half that saved us these precious resources.  And now it’s the same when it comes to shopping for furniture online.

Step 1:  Visit

Step 2:  Browse our large selection of furniture.

Step 3:  Work with our Internet Sales Manager in real time on the phone or email your design requests.

Step 4:  Receive 3D CAD renderings of furniture the way you want it via email.

Step 5:  Order right over the phone.

It’s that easy! Of course we always like to see you at our showroom locations around the valley, but for those folks with a tight schedule we want to make sure you can visit our virtual showroom any time.  And don’t forget to ask about special internet only discounts when you shop online as well!

Home Theater Specialist In Phoenix

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If you want the experience of seeing your favorite action filled movie right in the comfort of your Phoenix home, then perhaps you should look at installing a home theater system. You probably think that home theater systems in Phoenix are expensive, but with the many varieties of home theaters in Phoenix you can find one that is right for you.

The space you want to use for your Phoenix home theater system is the most important place to start. You may not want to turn your formal Phoenix living room into your home theater and have posters and popcorn lying around. If you have a den or other convertible room, such as a gym, then let us show you how easy and inexpensive it can be to turn your living space into a professional home theater.

Our home theaters in Phoenix mimic commercial theater performance and give you the option for many upscale packages that include quality audio and visual presentation, as well as comfortable seating and movie theater lighting. Custom home theaters in Phoenix are becoming more popular and the prices are coming down on top of the line technological components. We can help you create the perfect Phoenix home theater for your Phoenix home.

We can tell you about all the options available to you for your Phoenix home theater system from a top of the line Bose system, to a smaller yet equally effective home theater system in a box, we will outline your options and offer you valuable information and tips that will turn any room into a personal home theater. We’ll show you everything you need to know to be knowledgeable in making a decision to add a home theater to your Phoenix home.

Low Cost Decorating This Fall

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The kids are heading back to school and as much as you loved the carefree days of summer, I think we all relish a  time when we can get back to taking care of our homes, sprucing up,  and putting a fresh spin on low-cost decorating. Here are my top ideas for fall.

1.  Buy a new mat for the front door. Clean the door and sweep surrounding area.  Nothing says neglect as much as a dirty entrance. While you’re at it put a large pot of flowers by the front door.  It will welcome guests and give curb appeal at the same time.

2.  If you have fallen in love with a very expensive fabric find ways to use it in small ways.  Accent pillows, a table runner or placemats or better yet stretched over an artists canvas.  Just stretch, fold corners and staple in the back.  Instant art.   You don’t have to spend a fortune to make the room look and feel luxurious.

3.  Paint or wall paper the back of bookcases or dining room hutch. You’ll be amazed how it shows off dishes and favorite collectibles. If you wallpaper, just cut to size and use double faced tape to adhere.

4.  Give your home a good cleaning and wash the windows.  Enlist help from the kids and their friends for extra spending money and your home will sparkle. Crank up the music,provide snacks and  don’t look for perfection just a clean house. Everyone wins!

5.  Rearrange your furniture. It’s free. If you don’t like it, move it back. Sometimes taking a piece from another room is enough to make the room look fresh. Pull furniture out from the walls.  Make groupings for easy conversation. Angling a sofa slightly in front of a focal point can make fraffic easier to navigate.

6.  Use a small writing desk as a nightstand. It makes the room do double duty and looks great. It also affords more space for that glass of water and stack of books you’ve been meaning to read.

7.  Edit, edit, edit. If it is not beautiful, meaningful or useful get rid of it. How many stuffed animals do your kids really play with. How many cookie sheets do you need, and  those size 4 clothes you’ve been hanging onto…donate and feel cleansed.  I keep a shopping bag in my closet and when it’s full I drop it off at Goodwill.

8. Have the kids go through their bookcases and donate all books that are no longer age appropriate. It teaches good habits and helps the community. Do the same for board games, action figures and outgrown clothes.

9. Clean out the junk drawer.  Use a utensil divider to organize the loose items. Batteries, flashlight, tape measure, picture wire. Everything will be visable and much easier to find.

10. Clean out your pantry.  Check expiration dates. Now group like items together.  All baking staples should be together. Cake mixes, cupcake papers and flour together.  Likewise with cereal and breakfast bars. Healthy snacks can be put on lower shelves for kids to grab on the way out the door.

Add A BBQ Island To Your Backyard

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August is the time of year when many Phoenix residents begin to dream of the cooler months ahead. It’s no wonder people flock to Phoenix in the Fall and Winter months to enjoy our climate? It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that few, if any, places have a more enjoyable climate that time of year. If others travel great distances to enjoy our climate, shouldn’t you too? What could be nicer than spending a fresh Fall evening in the backyard with friends and family enjoying a BBQ dinner. Doesn’t food cooked on the grill just taste better?

Stone Creek is proud to offer a full line of custom outdoor kitchens and BBQ islands. Get the ball rolling today, call for a free consultation to find out if an outdoor kitchen or BBQ island is right for you. We also offer an award winning website to help you plan your backyard experience from the comfort of you own home.

Don’t let another year of cool evening temperatures pass you by…enjoy your backyard (we can’t let the tourist have all the fun!).

Plan Your Kitchen For Fun

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Remember those old alley kitchens, simply made for one or two people to be in there at the same time? Then came the “Great Room.” Ahhhh the sea parted and the kitchen became part of the living room or TV room. The marriage of these two rooms changed our lives forever. Entertaining became so much easier. Super Bowl parties, Thanksgiving, Wine parties, the absolute best form of social networking all because some brilliant home builder blended the kitchen with the den. The concept of the great room is credited to Joseph Eichler, a California Real Estate developer known for his modernist style homes. However, In 2007 Money magazine said the Great Room is dying because of the cost to cool or heat those high cathedral ceilings, but I beg to differ.

The concept of opening up the kitchen will always be the most popular option because it ads that ingredient of “fun” into the home. Our neighborhood rotates a wine party from house to house each month and I get such a kick watching everyone congregate in the kitchen. There are comfortable seats in every room in the house, but everyone stands around the kitchen island where the food and wine are.

When you are designing your kitchen, make sure it is a kitchen that is laid out for “fun.”
Fun when you cook, fun for the kids or Grandchildren, and fun for entertaining. Eddie Matney, The valley’s “most colorful chef” and owner of Eddie’s House in Scottsdale, says “You actually spend more time in the kitchen than any other place in the house, other than the bed room of course. It’s my favorite room in the house.” Chef Eddie shares some great tips when designing or remodeling your kitchen.

1. Do not cut corners when it come to appliances, you will find it much easier to cook well in a fully equipped kitchen.
2. If you can have a gas stove/oven, DO IT. Although electric is ok, the best will always be gas! Check out propane also!
3. The best kind of kitchen is a fun kitchen! You can make it fun, with colors, cutting boards, maybe an island. A wok station is fun and different too.

Another tip that we’ve done at our house is to hang 5 x 7 black and white photos of the family and guests eating and having fun. Photos of smiles and laughter are contagious. They’re fun to look at and are constant reminders to keep the kitchen fun and cheerful. It’s a real plus to get your kids involved in the kitchen early on because it not only helps them appreciate good food, but it also teaches them to be self-efficient so they’re ready to fly when it comes time to leave the nest. If there’s room in your kitchen space, put in an island with stools. It’s a great place for your children or friends to sit while you are preparing meals.

One of the beauties of custom Stone Creek cabinets and islands is the ability to have the kitchen laid out exactly the way you want it. Stone Creek is not limited to standard box sized cabinets so let your imagination soar! Plus, the rich look of the wood will compliment the other rooms of the house your open kitchen is exposed to. A great room starts with “great” cabinets from Stone Creek. You can check out our kitchens at To learn more about Chef Eddie go to