Choose a Murphy Bed for the Right Reasons

Choose a Murphy Bed for the Right Reasons

by stonecreekfurniture |March 14, 2012 | Blog

Whether you have a small apartment or a single family home, the best thing about having a family is to have relatives and friends stay over. It sure is a lovely feeling to be in the company of friends and family. Along with that comes the need to see that they are comfortable when they decide to have an extended stay at your home. If you have overnight guests, it makes sense to have an extra bed – traditional or the murphy bed.

Murphy beds today have evolved from more than just a fold up bed. Today, most homes have a contemporary and a modern look. The new Murphy beds fit in seamlessly with the modern interiors that sport an urbane style. They are more than just functional, they look good in an apartment or in a bigger home with a spare room.

Murphy Bed: Great for a Spare Room

For those who have a spare room, yet want to have a multifunctional space than just a stereotypical guest room, Murphy beds are a must. The Murphy bed can be designed in a way as so that it can be used for other purposes than just as a bed. At night if you have guests, you can completely unfold it and convert it to a bed. The bed with its multipurpose approach can be used for different purposes, rather than just being a piece of furniture to sleep in.

Options for Murphy Beds

All the more reason to have a Murphy bed is that it does not block space in your home. Having a bed, twin double, queen or king often locks off area that can be used for something else. Irrespective of the size, it blocks off space that can be used for other purposes. With the advantage of folding options provided by the Murphy beds, it works perfectly, as when not in use the room can be converted into something else. One may think that being a just a folding bed, the room may not look as good as it should. Modern fold up beds or the newer Murphy beds can be set up with:

  • Cabinets
  • Bookcases
  • Built in storage space
  • Closets
  • Work areas
  • You can have it whichever way you want it to be, yet serve the purpose as a bed when you want it to. Fold it up against the wall and set it up the way you would want. With this advantage, no one knows that there is a bed in the room, unless you want others to know it.

    A great option with affordable pricing, it completes the basic furniture needs for a room completely. With a sturdy structure it can be opened or closed as and when you want to. A sound mechanism and sturdy frame enables it to withstand rough handling, therefore, it can be opened and closed without having to worry about it giving way or succumbing to pressure.

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