Declutter 101

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Declutter 101

by stonecreekfurniture |February 22, 2013 | Blog

Let go of the old and ring in the new.

Finally it’s time to bid adieu to the cold winter, and time to say welcome to the colors of the season. It’s time to welcome spring. It’s time to dwell in the glory of its colors, the sunshine, and life, once again. It’s time to say bye-bye to the old and welcome the new.

Well, not literally so! In short it is time to do away with the clutter of the bygone year and ring in the new and fresh stuff. Just that perfect time to clean up the clutter of your home and things that are not needed. Making space or space for new things almost brings it a new lease of life.

4 Simple Steps to Declutter Your Home:

  1. Look around and see the clutter. Instead of trying to do up the entire space together, take up one area each day. Breaking up the entire area and handling small spaces, makes it easier to handle while also giving a sense of achievement when done.
  2. If you see things that have lost value or you do not need it, do not hold on to it. You have options – throw away, donate or recycle it. That should be the simple rule of thumb when trying to declutter your home.
  3. Do away with things that you are not anymore attached to emotionally. It could be a bad relationship, things that have gone outdated and bad, or old documents and papers. They help clear up a lot of space. You may have second thoughts of keeping these things. ‘Let go and bring in the new’ is the mantra for spring.
  4. Think of the new things that you are planning to get and how would you use it around the house. The new things can simply motivate you to declutter and clean your home up this spring.

It is very rightly said, unless you let go of the old, you cannot ring in the new! So, declutter and go for it!

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