Design Is Looking Up

Design Is Looking Up

by stonecreekfurniture |July 1, 2010 | Blog, Interior Design

The ceiling is the most overlooked area of decorating. Maybe it’s because it takes so darn long to decide on a wall color, that you are completely exhausted by the time you get to the ceiling. Of course the easy thing to do is paint it white. But wait a minute…….the ceiling is the 5th, forgotten wall. For years I’ve been throwing out the idea to clients that the ceiling needs the same attention as the walls. Sometimes they have an aha moment and other times I just get the look. The one that says “My husband will not paint the ceiling!”. I had stopped pushing the issue when just last week I decided I would start recommending it again.

I was back east and I was on one of those old fashioned gliders on my parents front porch. I looked up and there it was. That famous blue on the porch ceiling that I grew up with. What a special touch. A little surprise for your eyes on a hot summer day. The logic behind it was that bees wouldn’t build hives because they think it’s the sky. Not sure if that’s true but it sure sounds good. So I’m back to telling all my clients that the ceiling is just part of the paint job. Cutting the wall color by 50-75% works beautifully. You could even use a pearlized paint on the bathroom ceiling. It will add a litle shimmer and make all the fixtures sing. In a masculine den (with Stone Creek bookcases) you could put a rich chocolate color on the walls and include the ceiling. A very clubby, guys only kind of space. The right shade of yellow in your Stone Creek kitchen will feel like you’re inside a sunflower if you include the ceiling. And I can’t forget the ceiling that has a hint (and I mean just a hint) of pink. Sort of a flesh tone that makes us all look good. It softens those fine lines and makes us all think we’re 25 again. That would be pushing it ,but if the ceiling can add so much to the room why not just tell your husband to get out the ladder and you’ll get the drop cloths.

Helping with the paint is just part of the decorating puzzle when we re-do a room. If kitchen cabinets, an entertainment center, or office will freshen your home fill out the form and I’ll include the daunting task of helping with the right paint color.

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