Downsized Design

Downsized Design

by stonecreekfurniture |May 24, 2010 | Blog, Interior Design

With todays economy, it is rare that folks are moving to a larger homestead. Most are downsizing and are asking that several rooms deliver multiple functions. We are squeezing every ounce of activity into rooms that once held only a single function. With downsizing comes the dreaded “purge” that is so difficult for many homeowners to handle. When I am assisting in a downsize, my mantra is:

1. If you love it and it works with the new space you can keep it.

2. Is it useful? Yes, coffee mugs are useful but you don’t need 30 of them no matter how cute . I have to keep reminding clients that they are downsizing, not craming everything they once owned into a smaller space.

3. Get rid of the clutter. Many parents can’t rid themselves of craft projects that their kids did in first grade!! The kids don’t want them (by now the kids are in their 20’s and 30’s) so my suggestion is to take a photogragh of the item put it in an album and then get rid of the item. Many gentle reminders later, and some” Mom” looks of how a clutter free environment will make them feel better and free them up for other things , a golf game, a relaxing lunch with friends , or simply entertaining in your new home. If you don’t have to rummage through 8 cookie sheets to get to the one you use all the time, you will feel like the kitchen is even larger. Speaking of the kitchen. Yes, it will be smaller in your new space but think how much less it will cost to make it your dream kitchen.

With 24 finishes to choose from and a myriad of door styles it can be the downsized dream of your life. Throw in my 2 hour complimentary design service and we’ll create a backsplash and choose granite that will make your new  Stone Creek kitchen a peaceful, soul soothing environment. The form is to your right. Your kitchen can be the cozy hub of your new downsized lifestyle.

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