How to Organize Your Kitchen Before Thanksgiving

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How to Organize Your Kitchen Before Thanksgiving

by stonecreekfurniture |November 23, 2015 | Blog, Interior Design

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday when groups of people visit and enjoy a meal at your home. During this time, your house tends to become a disaster. Between the food and all your guests, dishes are everywhere and garbage piles high. To keep things orderly, here are a few ideas to help organize your kitchen before the big feast.

Rearrange Your Cabinets

A few days before Thanksgiving, take a look at the canned goods in your cabinets. It is important to examine the expiration dates and discard old products. Since it is easy to lose the cans you need for your celebration among the many products in your cabinets, you may wish to place them up front. Another option is to donate your extra canned goods. This will not only make more space in your cabinets, but it’s a great way to help out your community!

You may consider adding organizational tools to your cabinets as well. There are a number of dividers and sliding shelf options that make it easy to maintain order throughout the year.

Clear the Counter Tops

Counter tops are commonly cluttered with small appliances that are not needed to prepare your Thanksgiving meal. During the holidays, you will need all the useful space possible. It is important to store unnecessary items out of sight. Center island cabinets and large custom cupboards make perfect storage solutions.

Be Prepared for Leftovers

You always have a ton of leftovers after Thanksgiving dinner, so you will need to have easy access to disposable plastic storage containers. These can be filled with food and given to your guests or used for personal leftovers. To prevent a giant mess in your cabinets, it is wise to purchase stackable containers. These items nest together so that they take up little space and appear neat when stored.

Stone Creek makes it easy to organize your kitchen for the holidays. We specialize in custom cabinets and center islands that will help you turn your home into a functional and coordinated space for Thanksgiving and every other day of the year.

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