Ideas for Remodeling Your Bathroom

Ideas for Remodeling Your Bathroom

by stonecreekfurniture |December 9, 2011 | Blog

It isn’t uncommon to want to change something about your home after a few years. In fact, many people these days are buying homes that are cheaper and haven’t ever been remodeled to cut down on initial costs. As we all know times are tough for many of us and the extra cash to remodel our homes just isn’t there. Fortunately for many of us we can afford to remodel particular rooms or areas of our homes and cut costs by not investing in changing the entire thing. One of the greatest areas of the home to begin a remodel is the bathroom. Knowing about some ideas for remodeling your bathroom can help you decide where to start and what to do.

Changing the walls by removing wall paper or simply repainting is a great place to start with your bathroom. Many people don’t realize that if they have purchased a pre-owned home that it is likely that whatever is underneath the old wallpaper or paint hasn’t seen the light of day in ages. Because of this it is hard to tell if the walls themselves need to be repaired (such as drywall) and by removing the outer layer you can see exactly what condition they are in. In addition, wall fixtures such as lights, mirrors, and other furniture can then be affixed to your remodeled walls to better suite your style, especially if you opened them up to investigate the electrical system. Some people even choose to change the entrance into their bathrooms by breaking down walls or opening them up.

Update Floor and Replace the Entryway:
Changing the flooring and doors is another great place to start in a bathroom remodel. The variety of flooring is nearly endless when it comes to this ranging from carpet or hard floors such as tiles, linoleum, and even granite or marble. The door to your bathroom can be just as important. As a passageway into the bathroom it is the first thing someone sees before entering and the last thing they see upon leaving. Choosing a door that matches the flooring with give a very sound and complete appearance to your bathroom.

Update Faucets, Sink, and Toilet:
Plumbing and water fixtures are likely the most common bathroom remodel that is performed. We all know that overtime our sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers eventually wear down despite how well we try and take care of them. Changing the faucets and sink is great way to add style to the bathroom and accompanying it with a matching toilet and shower/tub makes for a great overall appearance. Many people choosing to put in a bathtub-shower combo as opposed to buying two separate units so that they can save money.

Almost all the areas of the bathroom are linked together in one way or another. If you remodeling the walls you can make room for doors as well easily alter where the electrical wiring goes. When the floor is remodeled you can take note of the plumbing and water fixtures and see if you want to move things around. Both of these make it easier to add or replace new items in your bathroom.

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