Kitchen Trends for 2012

Kitchen Trends for 2012

by stonecreekfurniture |January 13, 2012 | Blog

Modern KitchenThe new year has come. It is 2012, and your home design may be a bit behind the times when it is placed in comparison to the beautiful layouts that you see in magazines, on television shows, and at your friends houses. You may have made your new year’s resolution to finally get around to updating the appearance of the kitchen and bathrooms in your home. You may have even decided that it is finally the right time to buy new furniture, linens, and paint for each room. You have big plans, yet find yourself wondering which room to begin the remodeling. They say that the kitchen is the heart of every home, which means that your kitchen may be the perfect place to begin the transformation of your home.

With each passing year, many will notice that the kitchen design trends will have changed slightly from that of the previous year. It is important to collect as many ideas as possible from credible sources such as home designs shows, and speak to a professional that knows what is up to date and will look best in your home. Of course the main point of the new design is to create a kitchen layout that works best for you and your family, while remaining visually appealing to increase the value of your home.


The kitchen design trend for 2012 is the simple idea of functionality and organization. The cabinets and drawers certainly need to be optimally functional, which means that you may need to have them custom made with specific dimensions to best suit your needs. It has become quite common for new drawers to come with pre-installed organization racks which slide to help you organize your silverware, while providing extra space beneath the rack to conveniently store your cutlery in the same drawer. Your cabinets certainly need to be attractive and crafted of high quality hardwood to assure years of extended use.


The layout of the kitchen must be practical, and the kitchen trend of 2012 is all about saving space to allow you to move freely while the room is in use. Appliances such as stove/oven combinations, and the refrigerator must be in appropriate areas of the room. It has become very popular for kitchen appliances to be crafted of highly attractive stainless steel.

The countertops that you choose for your remodeled kitchen are just as important for the appearance of your kitchen as the cabinets you choose. The latest trend for kitchen countertops is to use a hard stone such as granite or marble. It is important for the color of the marble or granite countertop to have the perfect contrast to the color of your cabinets. The perfect choice of color combinations between your countertops and cabinets assure that your kitchen will glow.

Be sure to keep an open mind when you begin to design your new kitchen. It may take a bit of time to settle on an idea, but it is worth the careful thought. Be sure to seek advice and tips from a professional kitchen remodeler.

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