Stone Creek Celebrates 20 Years Of Quality

Stone Creek Celebrates 20 Years Of Quality

by stonecreekfurniture |May 20, 2010 | Blog

We tend to think of big box furniture stores as a relatively new phenomenon. Actually, they can be traced back to the Industrial Revolution when mass-production made it possible to create cheap imitations of fine home furnishings. At that time, an influential British designer and writer named William Morris worked to restore true craftsmanship to the home.  Morris’ ideas shaped the Arts and Crafts Movement, the design revolution that gave birth to Mission, Craftsman and Bauhaus styles.  Almost 100 years later, Ron Jones, President and founder of Stone Creek Furniture, began a simliar revolution right here in Arizona.

Stone Creek Furniture designs and manufactures fine hardwood furniture for every room in the home. From their first order for 80 chairs, Stone Creek has been committed to providing excellence through time-honored craftsmanship. At Stone Creek, standard features include all hardwood construction and dovetail drawers with full extension ball bearing guides. Now celebrating their 20th anniversary, Stone Creek has maintained an unshakable reputation for quality.

While quality distinguishes Stone Creek furniture from anything else available in the market, it is not the whole of Jones’ revolution. Jones firmly believes that quality can and should be accessible. So, as part of an innovative value proposition, Stone Creek markets their beautifully crafted furniture directly to the public at a true wholesale price.

Like Morris, Jones also believes that quality goes hand in hand with functional design. A functional design is purpose and space driven. For instance, a desk suitable for a home office is not as suitable for crafts. Similarly, a six-foot desk will not fit in a five-foot space. So while most furniture manufacturers offer generic solutions in a standard product line, Jones was determined to provide custom flexibility and to keep it within reach by providing free design services.

Stone Creek’s design services make it possible to tailor your furniture to your needs and space. If you want a cabinet to be taller, wider or deeper, or to include more drawers and shelves, Stone Creek can build it and will do so at their wholesale price. With Stone Creek’s broad selection of trims, finishes and hardware, you can tailor your furniture to your taste, as well.

Stone Creek’s custom capabilities are by no means limited to free-standing furniture, such as armoires and beds. In fact, Stone Creek is able to create perfectly fitted built-ins and to design whole environments, such as home theaters and home offices. Space planning, like custom furniture design, is complimentary.

This extraordinary service is now available for your kitchen and bath, too. Stone Creek not only builds furniture-grade cabinetry to your exact specifications, they also help you optimize space with a completely custom fit. You will never find a filler piece in one of Stone Creek’s kitchens, nor will you find a more meticulous installer. Every kitchen is pre-assembled in Stone Creek’s factory so that the precision of fit is verified before the cabinets are delivered and installed in your home. Granite countertops are handled with the same level of care.

William Morris once wrote, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Ideally, thought Morris, the things in your home will be both. With Stone Creek’s hallmark craftsmanship, functional design, beautiful finishes and unbeatable price, they will be.

To learn more about Stone Creek Furniture, visit, or, better still, see true craftsmanship with your own eyes at one of four Phoenix area showrooms.

– Besty Dell

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