The Best in Media Walls

The Best in Media Walls

by stonecreekfurniture |February 16, 2012 | Blog

mediawall1Your home is where you can put the imprint of choices. The formal living room, or the informal family room, and your media room are places that are used for formal or impromptu gatherings. You can make it unique with your choice of interior décor. You can be different from the rest and have a media wall that stands out and livens up the room.

Stone Creek Furniture in Phoenix is a one-stop specialist when it comes to helping you with your media wall. You may wonder about the importance of doing up your media wall and how does it contribute to the décor of the room or the house for that matter. These days one does not deny the allure of a big flat screen television. With the latest technology, like Blue Ray and 3D, it just makes everything come alive on the screen. The huge gadget can make anything around it look nonexistent. You may have the best of décor, but in front of the stupendous object everything may look so very bleak. So, to balance the impact of the large television it helps to do up the media wall and choose the decor around it.

Variety in Media Walls

The media wall certainly balances a large television out. It provides an uncluttered look that is smart and contemporary. The sky is the limit with the choice of offerings at Stone Creek Furniture. Moreover, they are custom made depending on your wall and space size. Go classic or contemporary, go big or just as a niche. With that comes a clutter free wall that also works as a composite display unit. You can use the shelves to display knick knacks that you have collected over the years, or distinctive artsy items. Go a step further and you can have an electronic fireplace built into it, or have a niche to have your DVD’s and speakers placed strategically to give it a complete look. Add accented and hidden lighting to give the space a magical touch. The floating shelves add to the look and draw away the focus from just the television and make the space look complete with the incorporated décor.

The floating shelves in the media walls are just the perfect set up for a good mix of small and big items. You can go further and place loose bricks to give it a rustic feel or keep it clean lined with a more chic and a contemporary look. Stone Creek Furniture has a panel of interior designers that do a perfect job at doing up your media wall. The personal choices are taken into account and married into the design style before it is put together. As regards to the durability, Stone Creek furniture prides in using the hardest wood available in the market and makes sure that it lasts you a lifetime. So call us today and gift yourself the best ever media wall. It sure will be an object of neighbors envy and an owner’s pride!tst

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