Tips for Designing Your Bathroom

transitional style bathroom vanity in antique wood stain with marbled quartz countertops

Tips for Designing Your Bathroom

by stonecreekfurniture |May 29, 2012 | Blog

Home improvement seems to be the topic of choice for homeowners within the past few decades. Making your home more visually appealing, functional, and comfortable are high priorities for both homeowners and investors for the common goal of increasing the value of a house or condo in case of a future sale. Although there are many ways to improve a home, we are going to focus on a few tips about designing your bathroom perfectly.

The most important thing to consider when you plan to design a bathroom is to choose components which suit your budget well. Save as much money as possible until you reach your goal, then go for it!

Is it a large master bathroom, or a bathroom of regular size?

Always calculate the exact dimensions of your bathroom so you can plan how everything fits in the room. Draw a scaled map of your bathroom and work on placing everything you have chosen to add so there is optimum space to move in the room.

Choose timeless components (vanity, shower)

Of course you want to have the most up to date bathroom vanity you can get, but it is always a good idea to design your bathroom so it remains attractive for decades to come. Stone countertops, hardwood cabinets, free-hanging mirrors, tiled showers, and glass doors are currently popular bathroom design aspects which will remain in style for a long time.

Although bathroom design is a very personal project to take on, it is always a great idea to seek outside help. Many home designers will provide suggestions free of charge. It is also a great idea to browse home design magazines to come up with ideas for your bathroom design project. With careful planning, you are guaranteed to have the bathroom of your dreams.

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